Say good-bye to dry and brittle winter hair!

Hi everyone! As a lot of you know, the winter season can leave your hair feeling a bit dull and dry. Sometimes it feels like even an at home hair mask can't rescue your hair from the dryness! The hair static is uncontrollable and you feel frustrated! Some people's first instinct is to put hairspray on their hair to control the static, but did you know that it actually will only make it worse? Due to the alcohol content in hairspray, it dries your hair out even more! What a me

My top 3 Amika take home hair products!

For those of you who've never used the Amika product line, you're missing out! What initially drew me to Amika was the beautiful packaging and its magical scent of Sea Buckthorn. Here's a list of my faves! 1. The Wizard - Detangling Primer This stuff right here is MAGIC! It was the first product I had ever used of Amika. Like I said, I was first drawn to the pretty packaging, but once I used it I realized its true greatness! The Wizard is one of the best (if not the best) pri