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My top 3 Amika take home hair products!

For those of you who've never used the Amika product line, you're missing out! What initially drew me to Amika was the beautiful packaging and its magical scent of Sea Buckthorn. Here's a list of my faves!

1. The Wizard - Detangling Primer

This stuff right here is MAGIC! It was the first product I had ever used of Amika. Like I said, I was first drawn to the pretty packaging, but once I used it I realized its true greatness! The Wizard is one of the best (if not the best) primer to put in your hair after a shower. Simply towel dry your hair, and mist lightly all over ( if your hair tends to get greasy easily then I recommend skipping the roots!). Then comb through and blow-dry in. It will initially feel a little "oily" at first, but it is highly absorbent and light-weight on the hair. A little goes a long way! It will protect your hair from heat and leave your hair feeling hydrated, soft and shiny! Give it a go! #Amika #Amikathewizard #Iloveamika

2. Another one of my favorite Amika Products is the Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Everyone knows how washing their hair on the daily is a pain and also quite drying to your hair! I used to be an everyday washer since my hair does get greasy easily. I tried many different dry shampoos in the past and nothing ever seemed to work as well as this one right here! You simply just spray at your root ( it will appear a bit "powdery" at first). The magic happens once you really rub it in there! The powdery appearance will disappear leaving your hair looking fresh and clean again. It's also very light weight (adds volume even!) and doesn't leave a sticky residue like some of the other dry shampoos. And to top it all off, it leaves your hair smelling heavenly! #Amika #amikaperkupdryshampoo #Iloveamika

3. Last but not least, the Amika Un.done Texture Spray!

I love to use this spray on all hair types and lengths. It can help give your waves a more beachy/piecey look. If using on short hair, it helps give just enough hold and leaves a matte finish. Sometimes I'll even use it on super straight/fine hair and it will give the hair a nice tousled look with volume. I always have fun with this texture spray!

#Amika #Amikaundonetexturespray #Iloveamika

So there you have it, my top 3 Amika products! I truly love the entire line and what it has to offer, but I'll start with this list for now. All of these products are available for purchase at my salon suite! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed and found this information helpful!

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